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Roof Work

Newcastle roof and guttering plumbers for quality repairs​

Ignoring a minor roof or guttering problem can lead to larger problems down the track. To prevent leaks, increased power bills, the growth of mould and severe water damage, get in touch with our team as soon as you notice any abnormalities.
In New South Wales, only fully licensed tradespeople with the relevant qualifications can complete roof and guttering plumbing repairs, maintenance, alterations and installations. You can be confident our team has all the relevant licensing required to complete your job. Visit the New South Wales Fair Trading website for more information on current roof plumbing regulations.

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Roof Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

Leaks aren’t the only reason regular roof maintenance is important. As one of the most exposed areas of the home, roofs are highly prone to wear and tear, causing cracked, loose or missing tiles, sheeting and caps. Even a small hole in your roof can lead to leaks, water damage, easy access for wildlife, mould and higher heating and cooling bills caused by escaping air. If you notice any of the above or your roof is due for its annual maintenance, give our Newcastle plumbers a call today.

Guttering & Downpipe Repairs Maintenance

Gutters and downpipes are vital for protecting your property from water damage, as well as filling your water tank, if you have one. Without proper maintenance, gutters and downpipes can become blocked and develop corrosions, leading to overflowing and leaks. We recommend annual maintenance to stay on top of any problems, making minor repairs where require