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Hot water Systems

Same-day hot water system replacements and installations​

The average hot water system accounts for up to a quarter of the typical Australian household’s electricity consumption. When installing or replacing a hot water system in your home, we look at both the size you require as well as how to save you money on your usage costs.

How do you know when you need a new hot water system? If you run out of hot water sooner than usual, if your system is 8 to 12 years old or making strange noises, it may be time for a replacement. Of course, it may only need a few adjustments or repairs, so give our team a call to find out for sure.

Once it’s determined you need a new hot water system, we can perform a same-day replacement to ensure you’re not without hot water any longer than you need to be.

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Solar or Electric Hot Water System?

Our useful guide will help you choose whether a solar or electric hot water system is right for your home. If in doubt, our plumbers are always here to offer friendly advice.

Pros of Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Normally cheaper to install than solar.
  • On-demand systems only heat water as it’s needed, meaning less wastage.
  • With the right sized tank for the home, there will always be enough hot water when it’s needed.

Cons of Electric Hot Water Systems


  • While turned on, the heater requires a constant source of energy, meaning higher power costs.
  • Without power, there is no hot water.
  • Higher pollution than a solar system.



Pros of Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Can reduce water-heating bills up to 85%.
  • Lower electricity bills.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Cons of Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Costly to purchase and install.
  • Annual maintenance is recommended to ensure optimum performance.
  • Limited hot water during times of less sunshine.

Do I need an electrician or plumber for my hot water system?

Great question! The only time you need to call an electrician for your hot water system is when your circuit breaker has tripped and won’t turn back on or when you can only access warm water (not hot or cold). For all other issues, please get in touch with our Newcastle plumbing team.